look at the Sentient Long Wool Sofa. can you imagine it being in the Star Wars universe? probably not. if it did, I am sure Chewbecca aka Chewie would be pretty freaked out. fortunately, this hairy throne isn’t Chewbecca-skinned, much less inspired by the character (it just has an uncanny resemblance to dear Wookie’s fur, that’s all). however, what really made up the Sentient Long Wool Sofa is nevertheless pretty rad; the structure itself is of reclaimed American oak, hence the prominent grain and rich colors, while the Chewie hair lookalike is actually long wool Icelandic sheepskin (yea. this is probably not in the alley of animal lovers, but still…).

naturally, the presence of natural oak gives this piece of furniture a unique old world charm with a dash of rustic character and the fact that these are salvaged from barns make it all the more cooler with a greater color variations, as well as nail holes. seriously, how many can say that they have nail holes on their couch? bullet holes, maybe, but absolutely no nail holes. the dual-coated fleece comes in a variety of colors and are soft to touch (or caress, depending on your inclination), and can sports wool as long as 8 inches in length. though no further information was offered with respect to the color of the wool you will be getting if you were to purchase a set. and yes, it is available for purchase, apparently, but for how much, we are not certain.

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if you are keen in acquiring the Sentient Long Wool Sofa, you can get in touch with the folks over at Sentient Furniture for more details. in the meantime, we have a handful of product images for your viewing pleasure, which you can find after the break.

Sentient Furniture via Technabob

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