When it comes to lunchbox, one probably didn’t think it needed further innovations. Well, it probably don’t, but then again, gone are the days where you just need a chunk of space for pre-prepared food. These days we are conscious about what we eat and the amount we eat, and then there are the ease of portability and style to take into considerations too. I mean, seriously, you don’t expect yourself to lug along a Macy’s shopping bag just to contain a lunchbox, do you? That’s just so dorky. If you rather not look silly and at the same time, ensure you have a proportioned diet for your next lunch, well, then Fittbo is one attractive option.

Fittbo is a lunchbox (obviously), but it kind of defies convention. It is super flat, measuring a mere 1.59 inches (4 cm), thus making it easy to slip right into your work bag, be it backpack or whatever, much like slipping a book into your bag. Unlike traditional lunch boxes, Fittbo’s leakproof designed allows it to be transported vertically and thanks to the air chambers and panels, it provides a thermo-insulation so that your food won’t turn cold too quickly. And for style-conscious busy bees, you’d be glad to know that style carries as much weight as function with this little guy here. In other words, this thing is uber sleek. I mean like, really, really sleek.

Fittbo Innovative Thermo-insulated Lunchbox

On the functionality aspect, this 9.25 by 9.25 inches (23.5 x 23.5 cm) lunchbox is thoughtfully compartmentalized to encourage a balanced diet. In it, it includes a section for snacks and a section for main meal that is further divided into 3 sections: a quarter for proteins, a quarter for starch and half for veggies. The individual food sections are apportioned in such a way, you won’t get to overeat – which is usually what happens when you have a chunk of space with traditional lunch boxes. It even includes a separate compartment for the supplied cutlery and napkin too.

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Fittbo Innovative Thermo-insulated Lunchbox

Other noteworthy mentions include a 100 percent food-grade BPA free plastic construction that’s totally microwave safe, a detachable stylish leather or rubber strap (a short one tho; more like a tab than anything else), and it comes with a dedicated app that will assist you in getting the right diet. While some apps attempt to tell you how much to eat, this Fittbo limits the amount through the size of the individual compartments and that, my friend, is actually quite a brilliant idea. Seriously, who’s going to weigh their food before putting into a lunchbox, right?

However, if sandwich is your daily fuel, well, then I supposed this won’t be much of use, but for the rest whose life doesn’t depend on sandwiches or burgers, you may want to consider acquiring this beautiful and functional lunchbox from Kickstarter. 45 bucks is all it takes to secure yourself a unit and yes, the campaign is already funded. In fact, it was funded in a day and so, if all goes as planned, the pledge you made constitutes to a pre-order which will be fulfilled in December 2017. Scroll past a few more looks for the product pitch video to learn more.

Fittbo Innovative Thermo-insulated Lunchbox

Fittbo Innovative Thermo-insulated Lunchbox

Fittbo Innovative Thermo-insulated Lunchbox

Images courtesy of Fittbo.

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