I am a big fan of the original Star Wars film. And I love LEGO too and so, when there is a game that combines both, I am all for it. But perhaps not this latest LEGO Star Wars video game.

LEGO Star Wars Battles Video Game on Apple Arcade

You see, I am not so much a real-time strategy (RTS) genre person. Not since after Starcraft and Age of Empires. However, if you are, well then, the LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game is for you.

This being an RTS game, you are expected to collect, build, and battle. You know, the usual. Here’s what the game is about:

“Developed by TT Games Brighton and published by Warner Bros. Games, LEGO Star Wars Battles allows players to mix and match characters and vehicles from across the Star Wars galaxy to create unstoppable squads. Strategy is required to deploy troops and build LEGO towers on the battlefield as they attempt to destroy their opponent’s base. Players will master both sides of the Force with a deck of light side and dark side armies, each with their own play style.”

LEGO Star Wars Battles Video Game on Apple Arcade

It sounds really fun, but being a kick down the door and shoot person, management is not my strongest suit. Anyhoo, expects to be greeted with characters like Luke Skywalker, Rey, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader, et cetera and locales from across the Star Wars franchise, including Star Wars The Clone Wars, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and more.

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There are, of course, a variety of vehicles that fans fondly remember, like the AT-AT, TIE bombers, the Millennium Falcon, for example.

LEGO Star Wars Battles Video Game on Apple Arcade

Sounds all fun and game? Well, there is a catch. The LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game is available exclusively on Apple Arcade. In other words, you have to be subscribed to Apple’s subscription-based gaming service to enjoy the game. Keep going for the game’s launch trailer.

Images: Warner Bros. Games/TT Games Brighton.

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