For 60 years, Hank Pym’s lab has created Pym Particles and the android Ultron. We suspect Marvel’s resident inventor has made the jump from comic to real life. I mean how else could you explain a 24-inch tall Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man Action Figure, right?

Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man

From the same laboratory that brought you the Sentinel and Galactus, is another super huge action figure of the larger-than-life Avenger. Though not as tall as the Devourer of Worlds and Sentinel, the Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man is the biggest superhero in the Marvel Legends Series yet.

In celebration of Marvel Comics’ 60th birthday bash for the Avengers, HasLab introduces one of the OG members of the Avengers squad! Drumroll, please… Ta-da! The Giant-Man. In a size that could make even a skyscraper jealous, Hank Pym is strutting his stuff at a towering 24 inches (61 cm or 2 feet) in 6-inch Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series.

Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man

That’s right, folks, he’s so big, they don’t call him Giant-Man for nothing! We’re talking action figures with altitude! You might need to redecorate your shelf space for this colossal hero!

And Giant-Pym isn’t just big in size; he is big on articulations too, boasting no less than 91 total points of articulation, including 29 points in each hand! It is supplied, as standard, two alternate face plates to display with different facial expressions.

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The Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man Action is currently being crowdfunded on Hasbro Pulse and it will require at least 10,000 backers by October 23, 2023, to begin production. Oh, we forgot to mention that it has a big price too: US$199.99. Ouch.

Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man
Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man

Images: Hasbro.

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