3D Printed Jet Fighter Business Card by agep

Business card is merely a piece of thick paper with contact information on it. You can stand out by annoying your recipients with odd shape card, or card that are made of materials that tears business card wallet over time, or you could just go with the good’ol striking designs. Not Norway-based 3D and multimedia developer/YouTuber agepbiz aka Stian Wahlvåg, though.

Wahlvåg has created a business card which he described as “overcomplicated.” He has made a business card that looks like a blister pack toy, complete with a 3D printed jet fighter that resembles the Grumman F-14 Tomcat with functional variable-sweep wing. Yes. He actually did that.

I bewildered and impressed at the same time at this over engineered business card. I said “over engineered,” because it was kind of an engineering endeavor, utilizing multiple tools and machines to put together.

I am sure Wahlvåg will get the attention he deserve. Then again, he is probably not going to go around giving out the lot of 3D Printed Jet Fighter Business Card because, as they were “made just for fun.” Continue reading to find a video on how this impressive blister pack toy business card was made.

Images: YouTube (agepbiz).