a real functioning light switch that doubles as a spy camera

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(credit: Chinavasion) The Spy Camera Light Switch | US$80.00 | www.chinavasion.com

robbers aren’t stupid. they know where your security cameras are and will avoid them at all cost. this is where things like the Spy Camera Light Switch can come in handy. it is a functioning wall mountable light switch with a built-in motion sensor and a high resolution spy camera that records video at 320 x 240 resolution (30 fps) and captures still images at 1280 x 960 resolution. though the resolution are not the greatest of all but they are good enough for you and the police to identify the intruder.
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data are stored into the a supplied 2-GB micro SD card (expandable up to 8-GB) which is transferable to your laptop via the supplied USB cable. thanks to its SIM card slot, you can even receive video or photo by SMS and receive alerts on your mobile phone once intrusion is detected. all you need is to provide your own SIM card and set it to send you the alert. though it is a light switch, the sensor/camera still draws its juice from a built-in 1200 mAh battery but no specific on its battery life were given.

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The Spy Camera Light Switch retails for $80 a pop but various discount options are available if you need to purchase more. check out Chinavasion for more details.

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Chinavasion via Gizmodo

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