Brandstätter Group’s Playmobil is now selling face mask too. Leveraging on the group’s expertise in plastics, Brandstätter Group develops a reusable mask that it says “is durable, resource-saving and easy to clean.”

Originally developed as a protection for its employees around the world, Playmobil has since offering this affordable, reusable face mask to customers around the world. And the price? An affordable £4.99/€4.99 (about US$6.12).

Playmobil Reusable Nose and Mouth Mask

An euro/a quid from each sale of a mask will goes to the company’s existing charity campaign in support for non-profit organizations in their coronavirus relief efforts.

Like so many face masks out there, Playmobil Reusable Nose and Mouth Mask is not a medical grade device. But, as always, a barrier is better than none at all.

Playmobil Reusable Nose and Mouth Mask comes in three part: the injection molded mask, an elastic band and a pack of 10 disposable tissue to serve as filter. You can choose to use other filters, such as N95 filter element, too. The 10 disposal tissue pack will be good for creating 40 filters.

Brandstätter Group said Playmobil Reusable Nose and Mouth Mask is available internationally, but we can only find it on U.K. online stores.

Images: Playmobil.

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