Samsung Electronics has introduced an updated version of Ballie, its AI-powered home companion robot, at a press event in Las Vegas, just before CES 2024. First seen at CES 2020, the revamped Ballie offers advanced features to enhance daily life management.

Samsung Ballie Upgraded AI Home Assistant Robot

Designed as a personal home assistant, Ballie can autonomously navigate around the house, performing various tasks by connecting to home appliances. It learns from user behavior to provide increasingly personalized services.

Ballie offers convenience by sending video updates of pets or family members to users’ devices and can enhance home activities like exercise, work, or relaxation. It’s capable of projecting workout videos, playing music, and handling phone calls, making home life more enjoyable and efficient. 

For a closer look at Ballie’s AI functionalities, Samsung has released a detailed video which you can find embedded below.

Images: Samsung.

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