Remember the cool dad who turned his 6-year-old child’s doodles into “real-life versions” by the way of digital art? Obviously, there’s no way Dom’s dad could have created real life oddly proportioned creatures, but Chris Salomone, on the hand, actually turned his son’s drawing into real life version.

Thankfully, Chris’ son did not draw hideous creatures (and Chris isn’t Dr. Henry Wu). Chris Salomone junior drew a piece of furniture. Now, you see where this is going, don’t you?

Dad Turns Son’s Drawing Into Real Furniture

Anyways, long story short. Son saw dad working out plans for furniture and wanted to do the same. Dad saw the drawing and thought, since artists have turned child’s doodles into actual art, why not he do the same. And the same he did.

Using his woodworking skill, Salomone turned his son’s doodle into a real piece of furniture. And you know what? It actually looks pretty cool. Art gallery, if you ask me. Though I can’t say his son concurs.

Come to of it, the result kind of reminds us of the Honda NSX with doodle-style wrap that turns a real world machine like a 2D doodle. If you are interested in the build process, be sure to watch the video embedded below.

Images: YouTube (Chris Salomone).

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