You heard of the phrase “stretching the dollar”? Well, in this desperate time where toilet paper rose to have equal standing as germ-busting sanitizers and masks, you ought to be stretching the toilet paper instead.

And how do one go about doing that? About that… YouTube channel Household Hacker had an idea and it is called The Toilet Paper Splitting Machine.

Toilet Paper Splitting Machine by Household Hacker

Toilet Paper Splitting Machine is a clever contraption that splits 2-ply paper into 2 equal (by length) rolls, and thus, giving you more mileage per roll.

Its almost like magic, except that it is not (magic). It calls for sacrificing a 2-ply for a single ply butt wipe, and putting your fingers at risk of being smeared with your own poop (because its too thin). So, don’t rub too hard, my friends!

Also, it is a manual task and so, don’t you wait till you need to poop and starting spooling the thing. You should start now. Like, pronto.

Images: YouTube (Household Hacker).

Source: Dude.

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