video: official trailer of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V official teaser trailer 900x405px
(image: screenshot from trailer video)

if you haven’t heard about this, then you are probably not a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. then again, you could be too busy like yours truly here and missed this awesome teaser trailer of this great action-adventure cum crime spree game. whether you are too busy or not a hardcore fan, it doesn’t really matter cos’ we think the teaser trailer is awesome enough to makes us sit up and anticipate its arrival – hopefully, on Playstation 3 too as well. traditionally, GTA has never been great on the graphic department but what captures us is the unsurpassed gameplay, and perhaps its ability to satisfy our secret inner desire to commit looting, carjacking and the likes. well, you know. i am just saying… anyhow, do join us for this absolutely hollywood-like movie trailer after the break. again, fans or not, you won’t to miss it.
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