Kojima Productions Drop Death Stranding 2: On The Beach – State Of Play Announce Trailer

If you haven’t already heard, the action game on the PlayStation platform, Death Stranding, is getting a sequel. Kojima Productions revealed that there will be a Death Stranding 2 two years ago. The announcement was made by the studio at 2022’s The Game Awards where it also shared the teaser trailer.

Game Science Drops Black Myth: Wukong Video Game Launch Trailer

I seriously suspect the last time we migrated to this new host, we lost a bunch of posts and one such “lost” post is one about the video game Black Myth: Wukong. I swear we did talk about the game because I was overwhelmed by the graphics. If I am sure I did write about …

Rockstar Games Shared Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer 1; It’s Return To Vice City!

Unless you have been living under rock deep in the Mariana Trench, you would have heard that we are finally getting the eighth main series Grand Theft Auto aka GTA video game. We know nothing of the game that is due for 2025 release, well, that’s until a few hours ago when Rockstar Games shared …

TeaserPlay Created This Awesome Fan Concept Star Wars: The Mandalorian Video Game Teaser

With The Mandalorian on Disney+ being such a hit, you’d think a video game is inevitable. Sadly for fans, a Mandalorian video game is not happening anytime soon even though there have been reports that it is in the works. Right now the best closest you get to a game based on The Mandalorian game …

There’s Going To Be A New Transformers Video Game And It’s Called Transformers: Reactivate

Recently Hasbro surprised fans of Transformers with the announcement of a new video game. Entitled Transformers: Reactivate developed by Splash Damage, it is the second video game to be revealed this year. It really is a pleasant surprise as there weren’t hints or rumors about a new Transformers game.

At Least Hawkeye Is Getting Its Own Chapter In Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

Hawkeye may not have his own standalone live-action movie or TV series like other superheroes, but at least he will see some actions in a major video game. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, will join Marvel’s Avengers video game with his own Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect.