TeaserPlay Created This Awesome Fan Concept Star Wars: The Mandalorian Video Game Teaser

With The Mandalorian on Disney+ being such a hit, you’d think a video game is inevitable. Sadly for fans, a Mandalorian video game is not happening anytime soon even though there have been reports that it is in the works. Right now the best closest you get to a game based on The Mandalorian game …

There’s Going To Be A New Transformers Video Game And It’s Called Transformers: Reactivate

Recently Hasbro surprised fans of Transformers with the announcement of a new video game. Entitled Transformers: Reactivate developed by Splash Damage, it is the second video game to be revealed this year. It really is a pleasant surprise as there weren’t hints or rumors about a new Transformers game.

At Least Hawkeye Is Getting Its Own Chapter In Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

Hawkeye may not have his own standalone live-action movie or TV series like other superheroes, but at least he will see some actions in a major video game. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, will join Marvel’s Avengers video game with his own Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect.