Rockstar Games Shared Grand Theft Auto 6 Game Trailer 1

Unless you have been living under rock deep in the Mariana Trench, you would have heard that we are finally getting the eighth main series Grand Theft Auto aka GTA video game. We know nothing of the game that is due for 2025 release, well, that’s until a few hours ago when Rockstar Games shared the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer 1. Still, not a lot is known but one thing for sure is we are heading back to Vice City which all GTA fans would know is a parody of the city of Miami.

Rockstar Games Shared Grand Theft Auto 6 Game Trailer 1

This being in Miami, Florida, you know what it entails: gangs, crocs and alligators, and crazy people – a lot of them. It looks like this time we involved in-game social media with TikTok-style video footage. The trailer does not tell a lot and yet shows a lot if you know what I mean. If you stay in Florida, many locations would be familiar to you.

In the trailer, you will get a glimpse of the vehicles in the game, some of which are familiar sights in GTA V. Anyhoo, this is just the first trailer and so this is as much as we can see. You can have a look at the trailer yourself in the video embedded below.

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Images: YouTube (Rockstar Games).