Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GTA V Bomb Mod

Clearly, Samsung Is Not Amused By GTA V Galaxy Note 7 Bomb Mod

Since the fiasco of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the subsequent failed replacement, the Galaxy Note 7 has been the victim of a barrage of Internet memes with hilarity that could rival Kanye West sleeping meme which, you may recall, took the Internet by storm back in February. The Internet sure knows how to rub it in and if we may say so ourselves, pretty damn good at it too. While Internet memes provided us with much fun at the expense of someone else’s misery, one Grand Theft Auto V modder’s poke at the whole Samsung boohoo takes the biscuit.

Taking advantage of the exploding theme, the said modder turned the phone in question into an in-game bomb, and boy, it was a ton of fun to watch! A maybe a simply mod of replacing the game’s Sticky Bomb with an image of the nefarious device, but the result is off-the-chart hilarious. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t think it was funny and as it appears, Samsung Electronics America has filed a copyright infringement on the original video posted on YouTube, which is clear as day, a bullshit move to stop their blunder of the decade being further ridiculed. Awww… what a shame. It was thoroughly entertaining, though.

It was a petty move that also shows how YouTube’s tools for reporting infringing material can be and will be abused. There’s really no infringement to speak of, really. If anything, Samsung should be thankful to this modder for creating a PSA on behalf of them for free. However, this being the Internet, things get around rather quickly. While the original video may have been halted, there are a few more videos showing how the device could be used in a deadly way in the GTA V environment. So, what are you going to do about it Samsung? Stop being petty and take it with stride, and also, focus on cleaning up the mess which should be your priority anyways.

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And here’s another video…

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.

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