You know what they say about one man’s pain is another man’s joy? Well, this is clearly the case with the recent debacle involving exploding (think, it’s more like melting) Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone. With Apple due to announced its next iPhone this coming week, it puts Samsung in the position of the man in pain and Apple, as the man who could be benefiting from this unfortunate event. And likely, this so-called exploding Galaxy Note7 couldn’t have come at a better time for rival Apple. So far we have yet hear any reaction from the Cupertino tech giant, but I am very sure, Tim or someone would hint about this incident at the keynote next week.

Anyways, back to the exploding issue, at least it appears that it only happens when charging, not when you are using and it was really just melting (or burning). However, it is no less dangerous, and also a stark reminder of how delicate modern batteries are. The problem, said Samsung, lies with the faulty battery and not all Galaxy Note 7 are fitted with the said battery. Nevertheless, Samsung has halt the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 in 10 countries and it is preparing a worldwide recall, just to be safe. Apparently, 35 units of the Galaxy Note7 are said to have this issue and as pointed earlier, it is not quite exploding like some sites have reported.

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According to a report, sometime during charging the device, the handset started melting. Judging from the images posted on social media which showed charred devices, it looks like those handsets did went up in flame. Either way, no want wants that. We are not sure about the recall status at this point, but in the U.S., users have the option to swap the Note7 with a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge this week. Refund will also be offered for any Note7-specific accessories purchased. On top of that, users will also be getting a $25 gift card or bill of credit. Obviously, this is not going to look good on the books and not to mention, a stain on an otherwise clean slate. This is the biggest ouch any tech company can face and a nightmare no executives wished for.

Source and image via CNN Money

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