You know all the fad about Starbucks’ newest seasonal drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino. I am sure you also read about how it is “not as advertized,” but we are not going talk about how it is, or it is not “as advertized.” We are at it because about a day ago, Razer’s CEO posted a question on his Facebook page. He commented that since Starbucks has their Unicorn frap, he wonder what would a Chroma frap from Razer look like?

Obviously, a Chroma frap is not going to happen, but that doesn’t stop fans and followers from pitching in, and we thought, “hey, why not us too?” And so, here we are, with our take of the Razer Chroma Frap Concept we put together with our limited Photoshop skills.

So, what do you think?

Razer Chroma Frap Concept by Mikeshouts

P.S. The color band is actually morphed from Razer Chroma wallpaper and the creamed top, was the actual Unicorn frap.

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