360-degree Fetish VR Videos Crowdfunded

This piece of news may be very late, but the content of it makes it a news on any given day. Late or not, it does not matter because, I had a good laugh and so, I think it would be sin not to share it with you guys – even if it is nearly nine months late. Anyways, the story goes that a lover of “women’s legs riding a bicycle across the saddle” had once pulled a crowdfunding campaign on Yahoo! Japan’s PassMarket, aptly called Fetish VR, to help fund his unusual fetish.

What this man (I am assuming it is a ‘he’ because of the obvious, but I could be wrong) proposed was rather outlandish. He wanted to plant a video camera on the handlebars, facing the saddle so that the camera can record the lady’s crotch and thighs as she is cycling. In other words, he want to offer everyone who share the same fetish with him the front row seat to the view of action as the woman cycles aimlessly. A harmless fetish but no less weird.

360-degree Fetish VR Videos Crowdfunded

He even made a test video which was used as the pitch video to give would-be backers a taste of what was to come. The video was made using a cheap VR camera taped to the middle section of a bicycle. Viewers were even advised to use VR goggles to get the “full experience.” LoL! Oh, since it is a 360-degree video, you can drag it around to admire other perspective, like the front, the skies and whatnot. But who are you kidding right? Most who signed up only wished for one view.

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Anywho, the crowdfunding endeavor aimed to raise 1.01 million yen (or about US$9,000-ish today) for acquiring the hardware for the recording and also to produce 100 videos, which include post-production and paying for models and their clothing. Models and clothing? Yes. This ain’t voyeur stuff and also yes, the models are supposed to be clothed. Sorry to disappoint.

360-degree Fetish VR Videos Crowdfunded
The filmmaker (with a fetish) advises that the video is best experience with VR goggles.

Then again, staged scenarios are what Japanese excels in when it comes to, you know, such fetish. Wait, how do I know? Ermmm… well, I heard it from friends? Trust me. I don’t know if it is true personally… Anywho, lets move on shall we? The campaign lasted for a couple of months between July 8, 2018 and September 01, 2018. So, it was well over at this point.

We have no idea if the campaign was successful. However, if you read Japanese, you are welcome to read up on the campaign details on the campaign page which is surprisingly still up on Yahoo! Japan’s PassMarket. Or if you desire, you can have a look at what such a video may look like in this video link here. Go ahead and watch it, we totally understand that you are watching it for “research purposes,” and/or asking on behalf of “a friend.” Hey, we won’t judge. We promised!

Images: Vimeo.

Source: Sora News 24.