Unlike Star Wars, the other defining sci-fi series/movies of our time, Star Trek, hasn’t gotten much LEGO love, officially and non-officially. So, it was exciting when we stumbled upon Kevin J. Walter’s newest LEGO MOC Star Trek, the NCC-1701-A U.S.S. Enterprise. If we can only use one word to describe Walter’s LEGO take of the iconic starfleet spaceship, then it would be “breathtaking.” No doubt about it. I mean, seriously, just look at this thing. Isn’t it a beauty?

LEGO MOC Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Kevin J Walter

Save for the propulsion units which weren’t cylindrical, the rest of the build was pretty much spot on – right down to the saucer main hull and the secondary hull down below. Kevin J. Walter’s LEGO MOC of the NCC-1701-A U.S.S. Enterprise might just be the most accurate depiction of the iconic starfleet spaceship in LEGO yet. I’d say it has a place as an icon in its own right.

LEGO MOC Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Kevin J Walter

But of course, Walter here knows a thing or two about presentation to make his final product looks even brilliant. He tricked up the final product with a little bit of Photoshop wizardry, including throwing the requisite lights permeating out of the windows and the glow on the reflector dish. But hey, if those things weren’t physically there, I am sure some expert LEGO builders can make it happen.

Speaking of which, if you down in building a version of Walter’s Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise, you can procure the build instructions from Brick Vault for $44.99. Bricks required are, obviously, not included. Or if you just want to appreciate a good MOC, then hit up Walter’s Flickr page for high-resolution looks of the man’s other LEGO MOC work of art.

LEGO MOC Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Kevin J Walter

Images: Flickr (Skywalter).

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Source: the brothers brick.

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