Samsung Transparent MICRO LED Display at CES 2024

LG was not the only company with a transparent TV at CES earlier this month. Samsung had one on display too but it fell short of calling it a TV. It is a transparent display. It is not just any display, it is a transparent MICRO LED display. We took a while to talk about this because this thing is elusive as hell. We were hoping for more information and official images but alas, there are none.

Samsung Transparent MICRO LED Display at CES 2024

Unless you were at the show floor at CES 2024, information on this exciting display is next to nothing. As it turns out, the transparent MICRO LED display was there as “Samsung First Look 2024”. Obviously, it did not appear out of thin air; this innovative display merges cutting-edge technology with six years of dedicated research and development. However, it is clear that Samsung is not ready to let the world see and hear more as evidenced by the lack of official words and even images.

The Transparent MICRO LED stands out with its glass-like clarity, transforming the viewing experience for various forms of content, including sports and movies. While this new modular MICRO LED is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and technological advancement, aimed at captivating global audiences with its futuristic design and immersive capabilities, it is far from LG’s offering which is available to you if you have the money to drop.

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Images: YouTube (삼성전자 뉴스룸 [Samsung Newsroom]).