LG SIGNATURE OLED T Wireless Transparent OLED TV

Transparent TVs are not new, nor are wireless OLED TVs. But this year, LG, a company hell-bent on making TVs invisible, has taken transparent TV to the next level of “invisibility”. Folks, meet the LG SIGNATURE OLED T, the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV.

LG SIGNATURE OLED T Wireless Transparent OLED TV

That’s right, my friends. The SIGNATURE OLED T is transparent, wireless, and OLED. It stands out not just because of these three key elements; it stands out because it’s not aiming to be entirely invisible. It wants to be a decorative piece.

By leveraging the Always-On-Display (AOD) feature, you can turn the TV into a terrarium or a fish tank to spruce up the room’s ambiance when not watching content. And yes, it is almost completely transparent. You can see the background in its entirety.

Now, the problem with transparent TVs is contrast. However, the LG SIGNATURE OLED T solves this issue with OLED technology and a contrast screen that raises at the click of a button. This way, you get the best of both worlds: transparency without sacrificing contrast.

LG SIGNATURE OLED T Wireless Transparent OLED TV

The TV also offers a T-Bar feature with an info-ticker running along the lower part of the screen. The T-Bar can display news alerts, weather updates, or the titles of songs being played, while the rest of the screen remains clear.

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The TV is powered by the new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor, offering a 70% improved graphic performance and a 30% faster processing speed than its predecessor.

It boasts a massive 77-inch screen that, while enormous, is far less obtrusive than the typical black slab. Because it is transparent and wireless, you now have the flexibility of placement – even in the middle of the room, without feeling like you’ve spent thousands on an ugly-ass room divider.

LG SIGNATURE OLED T Wireless Transparent OLED TV

Heck, you can even place it in front of a window if you want to. But I do not recommend that due to rain, snow, wind, and UV rays from the sun. But you get the idea.

As far as placement goes, the LG SIGNATURE OLED T has a modular design that facilitates various installation methods. It comes in standalone, against-the-wall, or wall-mount options. You can further customize it by adding standing or floating shelves on either or both sides of the screen.

It comes with a Zero Connect Box that sends 4K images and sound wirelessly to the TV, further allowing for a showroom-like setup without cables snaking out of the back. Well, except for the power cable.

LG SIGNATURE OLED T Wireless Transparent OLED TV

You can experience the magic of transparent OLED TV in person at LG’s booth (#16008) at CES 2024 from January 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Images: LG.