LG 52-inch-Pillar-to-Pillar LCD

LG is truly the master of displays (OK, may also washing machines). Not only does it have a wireless transparent TV that turns heads at CES 2024, but it also has a display for advance future mobility. And it is not just any automotive display, mind you.

It’s 52-inch Pillar-to-Pillar LCD is the world’s largest automotive display. 52 inches! or 4 feet 3 inches or 1.3 meters. Imagine that and it truly is pillar-to-pillar. Never mind that we probably don’t need such a large display in a car because most of us will be looking down at our phone anyways, or sleeping while the driver keeps his or her eyes glued on the road. But it is here if any automaker wants to have them in their next car.

In addition to the 57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar LCD, LG also introduces the largest slidable panel, the 32-inch Slidable OLED. These displays are part of LG’s vision for Software Defined Vehicles, showcasing innovative design and engineering. The 57-inch LCD, spanning the entire dashboard, won a CES 2024 Innovation Award.

The 32-inch Slidable OLED redefines cabin space utilization. LG Display’s partnership with global automakers and plans for mass production emphasizes its leadership in automotive display technology.

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Unfortunately, though, we do not have more information on these displays. I mean, not that you can buy it for your home or DIY into your car or anything like that.

Images: LG.