SmartEgg Pro Universal Remote Kickstarter

Universal remote is not new, but here’s one that will rule them all. Coming from Singapore-based AICO Tech is a universal remote and a WiFi smart home control called SmartEgg Pro.

In other words, SmartEgg Pro not only lets you control IR-controlled devices individually or in groups, but it also plays well with your home automation too. Folks, such is how much we have advanced.

SmartEgg Pro Universal Remote Kickstarter

With SmartEgg Pro, an app on your smartphone is your key to virtually all your devices, including, but not limited to, TV, set top box, projector, Blu-ray player, audio system, air conditioners, and more than 200,000 devices.

Like a good universal remote, it can learn or copy from any IR remote and also create a series of most used commands that allow you activate a group of devices at a touch of the (touchscreen) button.

For example, you can create a “movie night” event that powers the TV, home theater system, switch to a specific app or channel at a certain volume, and dim the lights or maybe even draw the curtains in your home entertainment room.

SmartEgg Pro Universal Remote Kickstarter

SmartPro Pro can connect over WiFi, thus allowing you to gain control over your home gadgets such as the robot vacuum cleaner and more from your mobile while you are away or beyond the Bluetooth range.

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Moreover, it can trigger automated tasks without you lifting a finger, simply by getting within a range of say, 0.1-50 meters. This being the future, SmartEgg Pro will work with voice assistants to let use voice commands to trigger set groups or control individual gadgets. It really is a universal remote on steroid.

Given what it can do, SmartEgg Pro is surprisingly relatively inexpensive – that’s if you pick it up as a pre-order on Kickstarter where it can be had for as low as US$59. The campaign is funded. So, all there is left to do is for AICO Tech to fulfill the promise sometime in December 2020.

Images: AICO Tech.