Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars by Lunaz

The maturity of electric drive has prompted many automobile workshops to revive classics with electric drivetrain. Many classics with the likes of Land Rover Defender have seen electrification and you know what? Now, even Rolls-Royce too. Not just any Rolls-Royce, mind you. Classic Rolls-Royces.

Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars by Lunaz

Silverstone, England-based Lunaz Design is a company that specializes in restoring and electrifying classic cars, and they have recently revealed the world’s first electric classic Rolls-Royce cars.

30 build-slots are available for electrified Rolls-Royce lovely classic, Phantoms and Silver Clouds. They are very much the Phantom and Silver Cloud you have acquaint with. They bears the beautiful classic design and all, but way more sustainable – thanks to the electric powertrain.

Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars by Lunaz

The Rolls-Royce Phantom V by Lunaz is powered by the company’s proprietary electric motor, paired to “the largest of its type” battery pack coming in at 120 kWh that offers over 300 miles of range. Basically, it looks just the classic that it was, but with materials, technology and creature comfort of modern times.

The Silver Cloud, on the other hand, is offered in both fixed head and dropped body styles across Silver Cloud I, II and III.

Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars by Lunaz

Whichever you choose, the company’s proprietary electric drive will be paired to an 80 kWh battery for over 300 miles range. Needless to say, whether you fancy the Phantom or the Silver Cloud, you can be assured that luxury appointments come as standard.

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But such luxury and fine workmanship surely does not come cheap.

The Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars by Lunaz has a starting price of a grand £350,000, or about US$462,000 based on today’s going rate.

If you are down, you can learn more about the world’s first electric classic Rolls-Royce, as well as how to order one, at Lunaz Design website.

All images courtesy of Lunaz Design.