Land Rover Defender enthusiasts in North America who have longed for an electric drive version of the iconic British off-roader, can now look forward to the Twisted NAS-E 4×4, aka electric Land Rover Defender.

Twisted NAS-E 4x4 Electric Land Rover Defender

From Twisted North America, the N.A. division of the Yorkshire, England based custom car company, the Twisted NAS-E 4×4 is designed as a nod to the original N.A. specification short wheelbase Soft-Top 90 body type Defender.

In short, Twisted Automotive has made an icon relevant to today’s world, unlike the original manufacturer (cough. cough). Twisted NAS-E 4×4 is powered by a fully electric, zero emission certified direct-drive system and it is compliant with North American EV regulations, as well as California CARB regulations.

Twisted NAS-E 4x4 Electric Land Rover Defender

It is offered with two power options: NAS-E, featuring a Remy Borg-Warner motor producing over 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque and 214 bhp, and NAS-E Plus that packs 309 lb-ft (420 Nm) of torque and 320 bhp.

Key highlights include a 22 kWh charging system, access to public charging infrastructure, a 60 kWh battery pack that provides a 200-mile (322 kilometers) range, progressive suspension with off-road capability, performance brake package, uprated components to handle increased in torque, 4-wheel drive gear-reduction direct transmission, and rounding up with a luxuriously modern interior.

Exact details of each model are as follow:

◦ Cream leather seats featuring Alston Alcantara inserts.
◦ Three-seat bench across the front row with detachable headrests.
◦ 4x tip ups located in the load area.
◦ Twisted Sport Wheels finished in silver.
◦ Twisted Stage One front end.
◦ NAS roll cage and Bimini hood.
◦ Full infotainment system.
◦ EV system management touchscreen.
◦ Raptored ‘spray down’ unique flooring.
◦ Air conditioning.

NAS-E Plus:
◦ All features included from NAS-E.
◦ Power increase to 320 brake horsepower.
◦ NAS brush bar.
◦ NAS side steps.
◦ Roll-bar spotlights.
◦ NAS-E body stripe decal.
◦ Black side stills.

Twisted NAS-E 4x4 Electric Land Rover Defender

The Twisted NAS-E 4×4 Electric Land Rover Defender has a limited run of just 30 units, with a starting price of US$185,000 for the NAS-E and a starting price of US$210,000 for the NAS-E Plus. Each vehicle is hand-built to order and individually numbered. Lead time for each custom build/order is around nine months.

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Limited test drives will be available early October 2020. 30 units are not a lot to go around this part of the America continent, so if you want one, may we suggest that you act on it asap. Having said that, build slots can be secured with a fully refundable deposit. For more info, hit up NAS-E product page HERE.

Twisted NAS-E 4x4 Electric Land Rover Defender

All images courtesy of Twisted Automotive.

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