The Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds we read about is now available to order. Along with the availability are more details of what it can do. In addition to blocking out noise through snug fit and using Smart Interference to further help mask noises from the environment, gathering your sleep metrics, and in-ear alarm, this pair of sleeping earbuds will also touts smart notification.

Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds

How smart notification is a thing is because, Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds is not just for better sleep. It also has a Pomodoro Timer for, well, better productivity. So, yeah, it is good for work too, blocking out distracting noises as you get into the so-called “zen zone”.

The Pomodoro Time feature is why there’s smart notification, so you will not miss any incoming calls. The earbuds further boasts sleep auto-detection that will automatically stop serenading you to sleep when it detects that you have entered la la land.

Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds

Amazfit ZenBuds has a 12-hour battery life per charge when using the playback duration mode that does a 3=hour playback, which also includes the device monitoring your sleep and heart-rate through out the night. The super sleek charging case with unique swivel cover offers an additional playtime of around 56 hours.

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Judging from the response on the product’s Indiegogo campaign, it looks like many folks are in clamoring for a good night sleep.

Last checked, the product has over 11,000 backers contributing nearly a million dollars. I guess part of the reason for its popularity is in the price. The Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds is over 50 percent off, at US$69, for this pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo. Plus, delivery is expected as soon as September 2020.

All images courtesy of Huami [CH].

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