Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Is Not Just Sleeping Earbuds, They Are Good When You Need To Focus

The Huami Amazfit ZenBuds Sleeping Earbuds we read about is now available to order. Along with the availability are more details of what it can do. In addition to blocking out noise through snug fit and using Smart Interference to further help mask noises from the environment, gathering your sleep metrics, and in-ear alarm, this […]

QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds Is Here To Eliminate Your Partner’s Snorechestra

Is your partner’s constant snoring bothering your sleep, or are you the type that every little sound keeps you awake in the night? Well, if so, ZQuiet, a snoring solutions company, has just the product for you.

Oh, Look. Bose Now Also Makes Earplugs To Keep Noises Out Too

If the myriad of night time noises are keeping you awake, then it is high time to get yourself a pair of earbuds (or earplugs if you will). Earbuds are a dime a dozen. From the cheapest that you can in hardware stores, normally use when working in constructions, to those that allows you to […]

EarJellies: Not Candies; They Are High-tech Material Earplugs

I know right? Modern city is noisy and while most folks chose to put up with the noises, you really don’t have to. The solution is simple and obvious: earplugs. Speaking of earplugs, we are pretty much spoilt for choice, but the fact that no two person’s ears are the same makes for some rather […]

Loop: A New Kind Of Earplugs That May Just Become A Fashion Statement

Hearing is something we often take for granted. We took this sense for granted because, we won’t feel the loss when we are much younger with activities like clubbing, going to concerts et cetera. Those activities may seem harmless, but they are contributing factors of hearing loss. Not now though, the loss will come later […]

dBud Earplugs Lets You Adjust The Amount Of Noise You Want To Cut Out

Bionic ears aren’t real yet, but if we don’t protect our ears, we won’t even have basic sense of hearing, let along hearing whisper made around the block. Sadly, a lot people ignore the fact that everyday noise can contribute to potential hearing loss. Modern people’s favorite activities like clubbing, DJ-ing, going to concert and […]

Safety Earplugs Leap into the High-Tech Era with DUBS Acoustic Filters

i was in the safety sector briefly and during my short stint as a safety manager, i noticed the repulsion people have for earplugs. the main reasons being the earplugs are uncomfortable and they cut off too much noise, thus people tends to sway from wearing a pair. with Doppler Labs’ DUBS Acoustic Filters, things […]