Before we go on, we just want to be clear that we do not know if these are real Nissin Foods’ actual merchandise. I mean they are stuff posted by the cup noodle maker themselves on Twitter but we cannot be sure if they are something money can buy (probably not).

Nissin Cup Noodle Bedding Set

Anyways, the latest quirky product with the hallmarks of Nissin Cup Noodle is a bedding set that includes a quilt cover/blanket with an image of the iconic cup noodle printed on it and a pillow set, each printed with an ingredient that comes with each cup noodle.

The aroma of a cooked cup noodle smell is probably not included. That said, Nissin probably could come up with a candle or firewood that could emit the smell of its cup noodle. Just throwing it out there…

Earlier this month, the instant noodle company also shared another quirky product called “cup noodle loose sock”. The ritual of pulling up the socks slowly reveals an image of a fork with noodles scooped out of a, well, Nissin cup noodle.

Nissin Cup Noodle Socks

But it will be hard for Nissin to beat itself in its own game because, in the last couple of years, Nissin has gone all the way out to put the presence of its cup noodle on everything. Like, everything.

There was the mop that looks like a cup of noodles with ingredients poured out on the floor, a mirror that lets you see yourself eating the world’s famous cup noodles but not actually eating one (possibly my favorite, btw), a pair of pom-pom in the likeness of overturned cup noodles, a pair of flip flops that leaves an imprint of a cup noodle on the sand that it stepped on, cup noodle ingredient sponges, a pair of earplugs that looked like miniature cup noodles, and a smartphone charging dock that looks like the smartphone is dipped in a cup noodle, complete with noodles and ingredients.

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And those are just a few. I am sure I have missed some. Oh, there is also an iPhone case with “ingredients floating on ’soup’” LoL!

Nissin Cup Noodle Mirror
Nissin Cup Noodle Smartphone Charging Dock

Images: Twitter (@cupnoodle_jp).

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