Quintessential Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Is Now A, Ermmm, 1/1 Scale Model Kit

You will be able to get a Nissin Foods Cup Noodle ready to eat in just 3 minutes, but this particular Nissin Foods Cup Noodle will take a bit longer. And oh, no. While it looks delectable, it NOT edible. It is actually a model kit. You know, like Gunpla? That’s right, folks. Nissin Foods’ […]

Nissin Foods Introduced A Specially Designed Fork For Consuming Nissin Cup Noodle

If you have consumed Nissin Cup Noodle before, you will know the pain when eating with a fork. Understanding this issue, Nissin Foods have partnered with Nendo to create a special fork that works with the narrow and tall nature of Nissin Cup Noodle.

Nissin Foods’ New Factory Has A Giant Cup Noodle Lid As Its Entrance

Nissin Foods’ new Cup Noodle Factory in Shiga Prefecture of Japan’s Kansai region has a very interesting architecture feature that juxtaposed against the rather nondescript white factory facade. We talking about the delicious looking entrance which is actually a giant replica of the company’s Cup Noodle, or at least, the replica of the lid.

Nissin Now Has Cup Noodle In French Fries And Chicken Nuggets Flavor

When it comes to food, Japan ranks number one for the most unusual flavors. Kit Kat in Japan is a prime example of food/snack that boasts weird and wonderful flavors, and instant noodle giant, Nissin, isn’t far behind too. Following the company’s pizza-flavored instant cup noodle, Nissin has announced yet another flavor that truly qualifies […]

Nissin’s High-tech Fork Cancels Out Slurping Noises When Eating Noodles

Have you eaten ramen in Japan in, say, a restaurant? How do you like it? Lovely? Or are you bothered by fellow ramen chompers who are constantly producing the annoying slurping sound? I am not going to lie. I am, always. But we can’t blame them, it is a cultural thing. By slurping the noodles, […]

Believe It Or Not, There’s Actually A One Michelin-Star Cup Noodle

Noodles are just noodles. They are nothing but staple food, loved mostly in Asia, and with that being said, noodles, regardless of where it hails from, are hardly consider a delicacy. However, when a Japanese ramen gets a little too good to be mere strings of unleavened dough, it gets the attention of prestigious Michelin […]