When it comes to food, Japan ranks number one for the most unusual flavors. Kit Kat in Japan is a prime example of food/snack that boasts weird and wonderful flavors, and instant noodle giant, Nissin, isn’t far behind too. Following the company’s pizza-flavored instant cup noodle, Nissin has announced yet another flavor that truly qualifies it as ‘weird and wonderful’. OK, probably ‘wonderful’ only if you have a thing for French fries and Chicken nuggets in noodle form. Yup. That’s right. French fries and chicken nuggets flavor instant noodle is a thing.

Concocted specially for the instant noodle maker’s Big Cup series, the Nissin French Fries and Chicken Nuggets Instant Cup Noodle promised to deliver the company’s signature instant noodle with the flavors of, well, French fries and chicken nuggets, immersed in spicy soup and garnished with scrambled eggs, black pepper, and green onions. Of course, the spicy soup and garnishes will only happen after you emptied the accompanying condiment packet(s) and douse the noodle in boiling water. We took care to mention the last statement because, as it turns out, not everyone have had the instant cup noodle experience in his/her life. Believe it.

Anywho, the Nissin French Fries and Chicken Nuggets Instant Cup Noodle is slated to hit select Japan stores starting February 12, 2018. Yes. It is only in Japan, but depending on where you stay, you probably will find this unique flavor instant noodle in local supermarkets specializing in Japanese dry food stuff in future. Note that I said, “probably.”

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In the mean time, here’s a video on the origin of instant noodle:

Image and source: Hypebeast.

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