Well, what do we have here? An apparent iPhone X, but Bentley branded? TBH, nobody knows what the hell is going on with this mysterious device. I managed to trace to the source of this image, but even then, little is known. Based on the lone image, it is clear that this device is the handiwork of a company called Golden Ace, but nobody, pointed out to us where this Golden Ace might be and if you know me and this blog, we will never settle for anything less. I have spent a good half hour tracing the source of the image and landed on an Instagram account called Nedal Luxury.

It appears that Nedal Luxury is where it all began, but details are still lacking about this beautiful Apple iPhone X Bentley Edition. We also managed to locate one Golden Ace that does luxury customization of iPhone, but as it turns out, it is not Geneva based as the device in question claims to be handcrafted in. Golden Ace is a Vietnamese company, based out of Vietnam and it has been in this luxe makeover for gadgets since 2008. Also, it is confirmed by Nedal Luxury that this device is not for sale and as indicated on the image, it is a limited edition with just 100 units.

From the bits and pieces of details, we can safely assume that this device may have been requested by certain Bentley authorize dealers (not necessary the British marque itself) for its customers. But just in case, we will try reaching out to Bentley to see what the marque has to say. Gosh. I got to know the origin! I simply can’t stand dishing out “news” that has ambiguous background. Now, you know why we do limited post a day? We need dig around and that takes quite a bit of time.

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Image: Nedal Luxury.

via Luxury Launches.

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