Sugar Skull Edition Is A Stunning Luxe iPhone With 18K Gold And Diamonds, And Costs $25K

We just learned that, apart from Amosu, Brikk and Gresso, there is another company called Golden Concept that is in the business of lux-ing up iPhones. This particular example you see here is the Sugar Skull Edition, the Swedish company’s most luxurious flagship unit. Though called Sugar Skull, rest assure that it will not attract […]

This iPhone X Bentley Edition Is As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful

Well, what do we have here? An apparent iPhone X, but Bentley branded? TBH, nobody knows what the hell is going on with this mysterious device. I managed to trace to the source of this image, but even then, little is known. Based on the lone image, it is clear that this device is the […]

This Is How You Can Turn A White Front Red iPhone To One With A Black Front

The first ever iPhone to get the (PRODUCT)RED treatment, the Apple (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have just officially become available last Friday, but the community already can’t wait to put it under the knife to get what some want: a black front. Yes. The white front is not getting a lot of […]

Colorware Gave iPhone 6s A Very Retrolicious Makeover

You may have queued for countless hours or even days or weeks for a spanking new iPhone 6s (or 6s Plus, whichever is your poison), but we hate to break it to you that while you may have gotten the device a few days or weeks earlier than some people, exclusivity is not yours to […]

Golden Dreams Unveiled Luxurious iPhone 6 Collection Wrapped in Leather, Gold and Precious Stones

With millions of iPhones sold to date, you can imagine the frequency that you will bump into someone with the same phone. That said, if you are one of those who hate the idea of being the same with so many others, the only solution to pull yourself out of the crowd is to customize […]

Someone Just Commissioned Amosu To Create a Diamond Encrusted 18K Solid Gold iPhone 6 For £1.7M

to many, forking out a grand or more for a handset is considered excessive but that amount is paltry when compared to the £1.7 million that some crazy wealthy folk is prepared to drop for a totally luxe up device, such as this one that Alexander Amosu has been commissioned to create. arguably the world’s […]

Gold-plated Limited Edition iPhone 5s

it is a strange time to be releasing a commemorative iPhone 5s, but still, we are pretty sure the Gold-plated Limited Edition iPhone 5s by GineeX Studio will garner its fair share of attention. unlike The Million Dollar iPhone and the cohort of gold and blinged out iPhone 5/5s, the GineeX Studio iteration takes on a more…

Gold Swarovski iPhone 5 by Amosu Couture

though most gadgets lover would prefer the ‘classic’ black and/or silver look for their gadgets, there are a handful out there with Scrooge McDuckian level of wealth who still prefers to showoff their gadgets in the ultimate opulent style (it’s a tradition, ain’t it?). if you belongs to that McDuck circle then the Gold Swarovski…

Diamond & Gold iPhone 5 by Amosu

with millions of iPhone 5 sold, you knew you and the millions others will have the same identical handset but if you have pockets as deep as the deepest abyss, then perhaps your iPhone 5 need not look like the rest. for which, the these new babies from Amosu Luxury, the 18ct. Gold White and Yellow Diamond iPhone 5, are the phones that will set you apart from the rest of the…

Luxury iPhone 5 by Golden Dreams

when it comes to standing out from the millions of other iPhone 5 users, money does it all. though we have to quantify that we are still unsure about how much this luxe-up iPhone 5 from Geneva-based firm Golden Dreams will cost but they are certain to be pricey. there are two editions available: the Desert Edition and the Gold Edition 24ct. the former is touted as the world’s…