We just learned that, apart from Amosu, Brikk and Gresso, there is another company called Golden Concept that is in the business of lux-ing up iPhones. This particular example you see here is the Sugar Skull Edition, the Swedish company’s most luxurious flagship unit. Though called Sugar Skull, rest assure that it will not attract ants to it. It will only turn heads. I mean, seriously, just look at this thing. It’s amazing.

Golden Concept iPhone Sugar Skull Edition

Clearly, the star of the show is the 3D Sugar Skull piece hand-carved in 110g (3.88 ounce) of 18K gold which is further embellished with no less than 137 pieces of diamonds. The entire back is covered in genuine alligator leather and rounding up the package is a gold plaque with the company’s name and a frame coated in gold. For those with pockets as deep as the black hole, the 18K Gold and Diamonds Golden Concept iPhone Sugar Skull Edition can be had for an astronomical sum of $24,790 (or $24,990 for the Xs Max).

If you rather not spend tens of thousands, there are the ‘lesser’ versions, the Sterling Silver and Swarovski, and the Rhodium Plated Silver and Swarovski that starts at “just” $9,790 and $9,990, respectively. Each phone, apparently, comes with an oversized, polished wooden box with velvet-lined leather sheath to further extrudes its super luxe status. If $10,000 is way too much for you (honestly, how is not is beyond me) and you already own an iPhone, Golden Concept also sells a selection of luxe iPhone Cases at more a mortally affordable prices of around $100-200.

Golden Concept iPhone Sugar Skull Edition

Images: Golden Concept.

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Source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).

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