Blackberry Curve and Torch gets colored by ColorWare

Colorware Blackberry Curve 9360 900x810px
(photos: ColorWare) Colorware Blackberry Curve 9360 (US$600) / Torch 9860 (US$800) |

can’t get enough of Blackberry? we applaud you for your dedication to this corporate mobile device but that black is not something young, trendy corporate professionals like you should conform to. lucky for you, ColorWare has expand its Blackberry custom color service to include the Curve 9360 and the Torch 9860. though the parts for color customization are not as varied as the Bold but it is still a good effort in breaking an otherwise too straight face corporate look. oh, in case you are wondering, the Torch has customizable frame and back, while the Curve gets a little more with customizable front, frame, and the back. seriously, we can’t help but be amazed by how some colors could make the Blackberry smartphone look so different. the Blackberry Curve 9360 and Torch 9860 are available for color customization for $600 and $800, respectively. however, if you already own these devices, you could send them in for coloring for a small price of $150 per unit. a few more look at some custom color examples after the break.
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