Griffin Woogie 2 – turn your iPhone into a huggable device

Griffin Technology Woogie 2 900x500px
(image: Griffin) Griffin Woogie 2 | US$19.99 |

you know your kids love to play with your iPhone and yet, every time you have to bite your teeth in hope that nothing disastrous will happen to your lovely iDevice when they are playing with it. that’s where the Griffin Technology’s Woogie 2 comes in. it is a colorful, plush toy that securely houses your iPhone or iPod Touch, protecting your iDevice while your kids are playing with it. Woogie is not new but the 2 now features an updated design and new vibrant colors that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face. the Woogie 2 features a touch-through screen protector that retain the same touch functionality of the iDevice, and a non-toxic, plush construction makes the Woogie 2 totally safe for hugging. a perfect gift for your child this holiday season, or should i say, a perfect gift for your iDevice – for protecting it from the terror of kid’s hands. though, user have to be mindful that once your iDevice is in it, access to the volume control and likes will be limited. luckily, iOS 5 comes with AssistiveTouch that puts these controls directly on the screen. the Woogie 2 is available from Griffin Technology web store for just $19.90 a pop.
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