if you are totally obsessed in keeping your gadgets’ display or lens sparkling clean, then we bet the microfiber cloth that usually comes free with your purchase of screen protectors, is your best friend. however, that little grey microfiber cloth is not something style-conscious gadget owners would be proud of. fortunately, there is the Designer Printed Microfiber Cloths by Declan. with it you will be wiping away smudges on your touchscreen devices, camera lenses, and eyewear, with some added fashion sense. needless to say, this is perhaps the sweetest marriage between fashion and function. in fact, it look so good that there’s a good chance that you might mistaken it for a hanky.

of course, using the regular, uninspiring cloth is no biggie as long as it works, but we are quite sure any gadget-toting fashionistas won’t mind a little color and print to go with their gadgets. it is totally machine or hand washable, so you can be sure that your $9.99 investment won’t go down the drain after a few wipes. available in a variety of designs and there’s even one featuring the Manhattan Subway Map, which we think looks pretty rad and adds another ‘function’ to the cloth, or maybe not. go check it out.

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