Gresso Wants You To Shell Out $595 For This Titanium iPhone Case

In a study by economists at the University of Chicago, iPhone has become a status symbol. A symbol of richness, to be exact and as such, it is safe to assume that if you own an iPhone, you wouldn’t mind splurging on opulent cases too. If that’s the case, you are on the right page […]

Would You Pay Half A Million For A Black Diamond Embellished iPhone 7?

Thanks to the existence of luxury phone makers, Scrooge McDuckians do not need to own and use the same mobile phone as the “commoners.” But it is hard to resist the lure of an Apple made smartphone for some and so, the obvious solution is to have it blinged and to that, luxury smartphone maker […]

Gresso Introduces Titanium Encased Luxury Android Phone for $3,000

Not everyone is agreeable with Vertu’s kind of luxury. Its style and price aspects are often too over-the-top. That said, If you are a classy, rich bloke or lass who is in the market for something that’s a little subtle in the opulence department but still have that sophistication and elegance you demand (read: luxury […]

Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case Adds Bend-resistant to iPhone 6 with a Touch of Luxury

i know the case surrounding the much blown up #bendgate is pretty surreal, but then it strikes me that the risk is very real when i realized that i do, unknowingly, slips my Nexus 5 into my back pocket and sitting on it. thankfully, Nexus 5 is not thin enough to be susceptible to bending […]

Gresso Revolution Bumper Case for iPhone 5

while the new iPhone 5 may not as revolutionary as the critics have expected, that doesn’t mean that it is any less desirable. nevertheless, you could add a touch of ‘revolution’ to this latest tech toy from Apple with the Gresso Revolution Bumper Case for iPhone 5. it took the team of designers and…