Thanks to the existence of luxury phone makers, Scrooge McDuckians do not need to own and use the same mobile phone as the “commoners.” But it is hard to resist the lure of an Apple made smartphone for some and so, the obvious solution is to have it blinged and to that, luxury smartphone maker Gresso has just the right stuff for this bunch of folks, the Black Diamond Collection iPhone 7. Gresso’s luxe treatment ditches aluminum in favor of grade-5 titanium, after which a generous topping of black diamonds are added to the entire back.

Black Diamond Collection iPhone 7 by Gresso
Diamonds won’t change our view about how the AirPods look

In all, 1450 black diamonds totalling 102 carats were added to each Black Diamond collection iPhone 7 before finally getting the obligatory gold treatment in the form of 10 grams of 18k gold on the camera, as well as the handsome Gresso branding stylishly located lower half of the phone, on the back, of course. With the Black Diamond collection iPhone 7, you will save yourself the hassle of acquiring the wireless AirPods too as it comes with a pair, but this set here ain’t no run-of-the-mill wireless Apple earbuds; they are coated in matching black and decorated with no less than 30 black diamonds, amounting to 2 carats, along with a subtle touch gold.

Black Diamond Collection iPhone 7 by Gresso
We are not going to lie. We think this iPhone 7 looks pretty bad ass…

If you are already drooling over it, well, then be prepared to push $500,000 to Gresso in exchange for a unit of this exquisitely luxe up iPhone 7. However, if half a million makes you cringe like Scrooge McDuck when he loses all his Duck bills, you can opt for the case solution boasting grade-5 titanium build, 18K gold inlay and of course, diamonds, which should make your otherwise ordinary iPhone 7 looks much like the $500K variety, but possibly, only a tad bulkier due to it being a case. The case version is limited to 999 pieces and can be yours to own for a modest price tag of ‘only’ $2,500. Quite a steal, ain’t it? If you compared to the half a mil item, that is.

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We tried to dig around for this super luxe iPhone 7 on Gresso to no avail and if you have been following us, you will know it is not our style to craft an article without ourselves sniffing out as much information as possible. So, what you have read is based purely on our sources. To be honest, we are not 100 percent comfortable but we thought the device looks pretty decent and has a price tag that shouts news worthiness, we thought we would feature it anyways.

Black Diamond Collection iPhone 7 by Gresso

Images and source via PhoneArena via Luxury Launches

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