Gresso iPhone 4 Lady Blanche is of diamonds and crystals

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ladies, if the Gresso iPhone 4 Time Machine is a little too macho for you, how about a diamonds or crystals version clad in solid diamond coated back glass, plus three clock lesser sounds? sounds good? if you have $7,000 or more to spare, the Gresso iPhone 4 Lady Blanche could be yours. like the Time Machine, the back of these iPhone 4 as custom by Gresso has six windows but this time, only three windows have the Swiss-movement clocks that tells you the time of New York, Paris and Moscow, while the other three are partially filled with either 0.01 carats white diamonds or Swarovski crystals.
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prices for the iPhone 4 Lady Blanche start from $7,000 for the Swarovski crystals model, while the white diamonds model cost a whopping $30,000. availability are via Gresso online boutique with a limited production run of just 150 units. so you better hurry if you want one of these blinged up iPhone 4. another look of this luxuriously treated iPhone 4 and the official news release after the break.

[toggle title_open=”Hide News Release” title_closed=”Show News Release” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]iPhone4 Lady Blanche. А luxurious and sophisticated mobile phone for women, who really value an exclusive style.

Swiss manufacturer of luxury mobile phones the Gresso Company introduces its new iPhone4 Lady Blanche, extending the iPhone4 Time Machine collection. This is a luxurious and sophisticated mobile phone for women, who really value an exclusive style.

The collection includes two models: Diamonds with white diamonds and Crystals with Swarovski crystals.

IPhone4 Lady Blanche is a filigree combination of fascinating form and perfect embodiment.

The new model extends the iPhone4 Time Machine collection by Gresso, which release was announced by the Company in early June 2011.

Three independent swiss clockworks with a ten-year movement reserve are located on the rear panel of the phone and indicate time in New-York, Paris and Moscow. Three decorative pearl dials are decorated with white diamonds of 0.01 carats each or with Swarovski crystals. Each exemplar of this model is manufactured exclusively by hand.

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For iPhone4 Lady Blanche the Gresso Company has applied a floating diamonds technique taken from the world of high jeweller’s art. In comparison with traditional gems incrustation methods the play of floating diamonds or Swarovski crystals is able to create a unique dazzling. One of the secrets of the unique dazzling of the diamonds and Swarovski crystals in iPhone4 Lady Blanche is that the number of it should always be odd. Exactly this condition combined with impeccable jewelry work provides the extremely bright multiple tricks of light, which expose the best features of gems and crystals. Special for this model a body was designed, which allows the diamonds and Swarovski crystals of freely moving inside the decorative dials charming with magnificent sparkling and creating an attractive image of sophisticated elegance.

The fascinating sparkling of white diamonds and Swarovski crystals is highlighted by soft glow of natural Antillian mother-of-pearl La burgaudine.

The rear panel of the phone is framed in solid diamond-coated mineral glass.

Manufacturing of the clockworks for the rear panel of iPhone4 Lady Blanche takes several hundreds hours of labor-intensive process. Before installation the movement accuracy of each clockwork is tested within many days. Swiss brand confirms the compliance of the iPhone4 Lady Blanche watches with the highest quality standards.

Gresso iPhone4 Lady Blanche comes into the market in 2011.

The iPhone4 Lady Blanche Diamonds collection will be issued in limited number available only after advance order in Gresso online-boutique at

The price of this model amounts of 30 000 $.

iPhone4 Lady Blanche Crystals will be available at the sales points of official dealers and in Gresso online-boutique at The collection will be issued in limited number of 150 exemplars. The price of this model amounts of 7,000 $.[/toggle]

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Gresso via LuxuryLaunches

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