Katai BlueJay Conference Camera

Here’s a 360-degree video camera designed for video conferencing that’s unlike the few we have seen previously. Katai BlueJay, as it is called, is designed to be affixed under a display such as a flat screen TV which your team and you will be looking at other parties. Makes sense? I think it does.

Katai BlueJay Conference Camera

This may kind of makes the 360-degree capability redundant, but it really doesn’t. But more on that a second. In addition, it boasts several industry’s firsts like a 48 MP sensor, a super wide and automatically adjustable field of view with a single point of course, and built-in edge analysts and processing.

It also touts variety of connectivity, including USB-C, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth as well as LTE. There’s a couple of kickers too. Katai BlueJay is not limited to as a conference camera. It also a capable smart city IoT device and it can also serve as a security camera of sort suitable for retail environment.

Katai BlueJay Conference Camera

The latter leverages on the built-in edge analytics to provide retailers with real-time analysis of user behavior, demographics, sentiment (how? I have no idea), and activity. It could be useful as a home security device and its advanced technology allows it to be enhanced drive safety when use in a vehicle. Yes. That too.

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Plus, it could part of the vision of autonomous vehicle too. The Boston headquartered company is making available Katai BlueJay Conference Camera, but we do not know how much. If you are keen, you will have to get in touch with the company by filling out this form HERE.

Images: Katai.