Jeep Wrangler converts to Pickup form with official kit

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(credit: Jeep) Mopar JK-9 Independence Kit | US$5,499.00 |

ever wonder why there isn’t a Jeep pickup truck? you might heard that Jeep might have a pickup truck soon, well, it’s official now: there will be one but in a kit form. for $5,499, Wrangler Unlimited owners can transform their lovely Jeep into a pickup truck. though the specified price is a kit-only price tag, meaning you will have to get your hands dirty to put them together yourself. however, the DIY route is recommended for skilled do-it-yourselfers and thus, if you are feeling less confident in your DIY skill, the dealer can do it on your behalf for a fee.
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the kit, dubbed the Mopar JK-9 Independence Kit consists of a 44-inch by 50-inch (1.1-m by 1.27-m) steel bed, inner and outer bedsides constructed from stamped sheet metal, sport bar extensions, Freedom Panel assemblies, a removable fiberglass hardtop with a sliding rear window, two fixed side windows, and a fiberglass bulkhead – all contained in a huge wooden crate ready for you to convert you Wrangler Unlimited four-door into a pickup truck. the kit is now available for ordering via Mopar at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealerships.

after the break, join us for a time-lapsed video on how easily a four-door could be turned into a mini pickup truck with this kit. of course, can’t do the conversion in two minutes, that’s just a time-lapsed effect but according to Chrysler, the kit should keep you occupied for a weekend.

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