Fujitsu demoed the next generation color e-Paper

Fujitsu e-Paper Prototype 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Fujitsu Next Generation Color e-Paper Module video)

during the International Digital Publishing Expo, Fujitsu demoed its next generation cholesteric LCD color digital paper which sport significant improvements in terms of brightness, contrast and color replication. unlike the traditional LCD, cholesterol LCD does not require polarizing and reflecting plates, color filters or backlights, therefore it can be thin, light and at the same time bright. with the new development, Fujitsu also changed the OS from Windows to Linux, thus improving its processing speed (oops!). currently, this concept is able to display 4,096 colors and has a writing speed of 0.7 seconds. according to Hirokazu Aritake of Fujitsu Laboratories, a trade off exists between the writing speed and the display colors which means that if they reduce the writing speed, they can actually have a full color display.
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this 220 grams e-Paper has a 8-inch screen with a resolution of 157 dpi and is capable of displaying JPEG, PDF and EPUB formats. Fujitsu is continuing to work on improvement of the basic capabilities and hopefully, we can see a even better and energy efficient display in near future. not that i am fussy about weight and thickness, but with so many gadgets to lug around these days, shaving down both the weight and thickness while not sacrificing resolution of our gadgets is definitely a welcome news to me.

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