Gresso Extreme X3 and X5 handsets for extreme adventure

Gresso Extreme X3 and X5 mobile phones 544x528px
(image: Gresso) Gresso Extreme X3 (RUB7,999) and X5 mobile phone (RUB14,999) |

Gresso, the brand name for luxury handsets has another side: the rugged side. under its Extreme branding are a pair of handsets that beckons adventure seekers to bring it with them on their next outdoor adventure trip. first in line is the Extreme X3 – a phone with an aesthetic that begs you to rethink how rugged phone should look like. certified under the international standard IP67, which simply means it is blessed with maximum protection against anything that the elements can throw at it. the phone can be completely submerged in up to 5-meters (16-feet) of water for up to one-hour and thanks to its non-porous housing, the phone is sealed from dust and moisture intrusion. the X3 is capable of withstanding a 7-meters (about 23-feet) drop onto the concrete at any angle and sustain a pressure of 1-ton. it can even survive through freezing coldness of -50 degree Celsius, right through to scorching 60 degree Celsius. though it shines on the ruggedness department, the phone tech specs are however, pretty much run-of-the-mill with features like 1.44-inch display, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, microUSB port, a built-in LED flashlight and supports tri-band GSM network.
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for those who seek for more functionality over ruggedness, then Extreme X5 is the answer. on the toughness scale, it does not measure up to its little brother but it shines on the function department. though it is certified as a lesser IP54 equipment, the X5 ultra tough plastic construction still allows it to sustain a drop from up to 10-meters (33-feet) and withstand an incredible 2-tons of pressure. this rugged workhorse features a secondary display located at the back of the phone that displays data like ambient temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, and compass. which are datas that are essential in surviving in the great wilderness. to further proof that this phone is made for the wild, it even comes with a manual charger for charging the phone in the event that no power outlet can be found. also a tri-band GSM phone, other features of the X5 include a 2.0-inch TFT LCD main display, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, MP3 player, and built-in LED flashlight. the Gresso Extreme X3 carries a retail price of RUB7,999 (about US$264), and as for the Extreme X5, it will set you back at RUB14,999 (about US$496).

Gresso Extreme X3 544x556px
(image: Gresso) Gresso Extreme X3

Gresso Extreme X5 544x588px
(image: Gresso) Gresso Extreme X5

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