G-Shock Move DWH5600 with Heart Rate Monitor

Not everyone fancies a rugged smartwatch. Sometimes, you just need a rugged timepiece that also watches your heart and maybe tracks a couple of activities. And if that’s what you desire, the Casio G-Shock Move DWH5600 with Heart Rate Monitor is for you.

G-Shock Move DWH5600 with Heart Rate Monitor

At a glance, the Casio G-Shock Move DWH5600 looks like the classic DW5600 series rugged watch. That’s the beauty of it because beyond the look we all know and love, the DWH5600 boasts heart rate monitoring technology to support your daily activity and promote health and wellness with the support for four different activities, including running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training.

Thanks to the heart rate monitor, this watch can also measure blood-oxygen levels too. It is a perfect watch for those who want fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring while not screaming “Hey, I am a tech head!”

The watch also boasts the first use of bio-based carbon fiber-reinforced resin in a G-Shock. The use of renewable organic resources helps to reduce the ecological footprint and move in the right direction toward sustainability.

Leveraging a connected smartphone’s connectivity and GPS, this nondescript rugged fitness tracking timepiece can also accurately track and adjust the distance data recorded by the watch’s accelerometer.

G-Shock Move DWH5600 with Heart Rate Monitor

Like the GBDH2000, the DWH5600 also benefits from POLAR which analyzes training and sleep from data captured by the watch. From there, you can set goals and whatnot.

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It is not much different from any wearable fitness tracking device with the boon of having the aesthetic based on the iconic 5600 case shape.

That said, it also offers the usual suites of G-Shock watch functionality, including shock resistance, 200 meters (about 660 feet) water resistance, world time, sunrise/sunset times, moon age, stopwatch, countdown, daily alarms, and more.

Oh, the watch also boasts solar-assisted charging in addition to USB charging.

The new Casio G-Shock Move DWH5600 with Heart Rate Monitor will be released this month (May) for US$299. Meanwhile, you may pre-order it from casio.com. It is offered in two colors: black (DWH5600-1) and a blue-ish green, turquoise colorway (DWH5600-2).

Images: Casio.