Someone Just Commissioned Amosu To Create a Diamond Encrusted 18K Solid Gold iPhone 6 For £1.7M

to many, forking out a grand or more for a handset is considered excessive but that amount is paltry when compared to the £1.7 million that some crazy wealthy folk is prepared to drop for a totally luxe up device, such as this one that Alexander Amosu has been commissioned to create. arguably the world’s […]

Goût De Diamants Luxury Champagne by Amosu

unbeknownst to average joe like us, there is actually luxury champagne catering to those who desire for the taste of opulence – literally. however, for some elite few, mere luxury just isn’t good enough – it needs to be the world’s most expensive and as such luxury champagne brand Goût De Diamants commissioned

Gold Swarovski iPhone 5 by Amosu Couture

though most gadgets lover would prefer the ‘classic’ black and/or silver look for their gadgets, there are a handful out there with Scrooge McDuckian level of wealth who still prefers to showoff their gadgets in the ultimate opulent style (it’s a tradition, ain’t it?). if you belongs to that McDuck circle then the Gold Swarovski…

Samsung GALAXY S3 Swarovski Edition by Amosu

apart from iPhone 5, what’s the hottest smartphone in the market right now? if you would concur with us, that would be none other than the Samsung GALAXY S3. with 20 something million handsets going around the globe (and projected to surpass the 30 million mark this year), you have to admit that this…

Amosu Luxury iPhone 5 Cases

now that you probably have the iPhone 5, it is time to think about protection it needs – with style. as usual, luxury goods maker and master of pimp-my-handset Amosu Couture, waste no time in presenting you with a very luxe up proposition: a complete bespoke iPhone 5 case in hand-stitched goodness, crafted based on your choice of design, material and personalization…