Amosu Couture Blackberry Bold Full Swarovski 9900

Amosu Couture Blackberry Bold Full Swarovski 9900 900x600px
(image: Amosu Couture) Blackberry Bold Full Swarovski 9900 | £2,599.00 |

why should corporate folks stick to the mundane black plastic of the original Blackberry. no reason at all. especially so if you are a high flying professional. don’t you think so? ColorWare has you covered for trendy professionals but for the millionaire pros out there, there is always the blinged out item like this Blackberry Bold Full Swarovski 9900 by Amosu Couture. instead of the usual all-out black hue, this particular handset is adorned with more than a thousand Swarovski crystals and a cool satin finished back cover topped with crystallized Blackberry and Amosu Couture branding. Amosu doesn’t stops there. this fine example will come with a free Amosu Couture leather case to protect your £2,599 investment. yes, you heard me. if you want one then be prepared to be slapped with a £2,599 (about US$4,152) bill along with it. perhaps that doesn’t matters much if you are a successful business folk who swears by Blackberry. we love Amosu Couture’s latest rendition of the Bold 9900, except for the thick black frame on the back but i guess a little black doesn’t hurt and besides, i am pretty sure attention will be on the crystals every time you use the phone. check out a few more larger images in the gallery after the break.
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Thanks Emmanuel for the hat tip!

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