Neiman Marcus Hacker-Craft Speed Boat Fantasy Gift

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(photos: Hacker-Craft) Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat Fantasy Gift | US$250,000.00 |

even though i may not have a boating license or even the deep pockets to own such luxury vehicles, that will not stop me from fantasizing one of these luxury speedboats, like this handsome Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat Fantasy Gift. this lovingly hand built 27-foot speedboat features a solid mahogany construction with fifteen coats of hand brushed varnish, a custom-designed bow burgee, gold-leafed waterline, underwater lighting and a deep violet bottom. underneath its gorgeous exterior is a Mercury Marine 8.2 High Output 425-horsepower motor that pushes this Neiman Marcus Edition across the water like a knife cutting through the butter. further adding to its exclusivity, 23-karat gold leafing will be used to mark the boat with the name of your choice.
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the posh design continues to the customized interior that includes cream-colored seating accented with purple piping, a monogrammed humidor, a top-of-the-line refrigerator and a sterling silver plaque in the cockpit that proudly announces to your guests that they are onboard Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft speedboat. other essentials included with this luxury water ride includes GPS, premium stereo sound system and even embroidered button-down shirts for you and your crew. and that, is what i call luxury. want one? then prepare sign a check that will make you $250,000 poorer but then again, you’d be doing something good through this acquisition. for every boat sold, Neiman Marcus will donate $3,000 to the Double H Ranch, a charitable program that offers year-round support for families with children affected by life-threatening illnesses. isn’t it good that philanthropy and boating can come together as one package?

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Hacker-Craft via TrendHunter / Neiman Marcus