when you think gaming headsets, the first few brands that come to mind would probably be Roccat, Turtle Beach, or Razer, but for the select few who craved more than just the boom-boom-boom sound from their gaming headphones, the Feenix Aria Studio-Grade Gaming Headphones is the gaming audio cans for you. with 50mm full-range neodymium magnet drivers, each individually sound checked prior to assembly, and acoustic chamber crafted from Japanese pinewood for warm and rich sound, the Aria promised to inject audiophile-grade sound quality into your game experience.

the Aria also boast a ’boutique experience’ as accentuated in the meticulous craftsmanship and design, offering features like 100% memory foam and protein leather ear cushions, beveled aluminum casing and one-piece steel band, as well as modular braided cable. each pair of Aria studio-grade gaming headphones is hand-assembled, hand-finished and thoroughly checked by hand before being shipped out. unlike most gaming headphones that has integrated mic boom, Aria chose to go with an independent cardioid clip unidirectional microphone, so you can choose where you want to place the microphone – on the keyboard, on your shirt or wherever that is most convenient for you – and not having a ‘thing’ sticking out. this also allows you to use the Aria as a regular headphones for audio and video enjoyment.

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the Feenix Aria Studio-Grade Gaming Headphones is available for pre-order at Feenix web store for $349. another look after the break.

Feenix Aria Studio-Grade Gaming Headphones

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