Amosu blinged up Bold 9900 with crystals and gold

Amosu Couture 24ct Gold and Swarovski Diamonds Bold 9900 544x368px
(image: Amosu Couture) Amosu Couture 24ct Gold & Swarovski Diamonds Bold 9900 | from £1,599.00 |

necklaces and rings are the things that we used to show-off our opulent lifestyle but that was in the past. today, giving our mobile gadgets with the bling is the new age way of doing so, with the added advantage of functionality. iPhone is no stranger in being blinged up but now, Amosu wants to provide business-oriented folks an golden opportunity to use a bling-out business mobile device when cutting their million dollars deals. meet the 24ct Gold & Swarovski Diamonds Bold 9900, a BlackBerry Bold adorned in gold and Swarovski elements. a couple of options are available for this 9900: original bezel embellished with 650 Swarovski crystals or a 24ct hardened gold bezel encrusted with the same quantity of Swarovski crystals.
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along with this pair of luxe up BlackBerry Bold 9900, Alexandra Amosu also announced another 9900 rendition: a solid 18ct yellow gold or 18ct white gold Bold 9900 for a cool sum of £8,500 (about US$13,239), or set in diamonds of any color for a princely sum £15,000 (about US$23,363), and you will receive an exclusive Amosu bespoke phone case along with these super luxe up handsets. the Amosu Couture BlackBerry Bold with Swarovski crystals cost a cool £1,599, while the 24ct gold with Swarovski crystals will set you back at £1,699 – which is about US$2,490 and US$2,646, respectively, at the current going rate.

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Amosu Couture 24ct Gold and Swarovski Diamonds Bold 9900 544x370px

SOURCE: Amosu Couture

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