so you love the big sound of your home speaker system and somehow wished you could take it with you when you hit the road? that was a wishful thinking until now. meet the ZAGG Origin Portable Speaker, an innovative, first of its kind, 2-in-1 desktop-portable Bluetooth speaker system. it is a large, sleek speaker system that measures 356mm wide, 160mm deep and 199mm tall (14″ x 6.3″ x 7.8″ – which is obviously, not anywhere near portable), offering you a room-filling audio with “full dynamic range with rich, deep bass”, but when you need to leave home, you can simply undock its small form factor portable Bluetooth speaker that’s seamlessly integrated to its back and bring it along with you to wherever you might be heading. when the smaller sibling docks to the larger form, it also juices up it, ready for your next outing and like any Bluetooth-enabled speaker, it works with most Bluetooth capable media devices such as iOS and Android devices, as well as Bluetooth-equipped PC or Mac. a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack is also included to offer non-Bluetooth capable device the opportunity to join in the fun too. basically, you are getting a capable home audio system (and gorgeous looking, if we might add) and a portable speaker in one system – both Bluetooth-enabled, of course – for the price of one. the ZAGG Origin Portable Speaker is set to be available this Spring, which should be pretty soon, for a list price of $249.99. admit it. this could be the best deal Bluetooth speaker ever cos’ mostly you’d be paying for a lone portable unit for this price. check out the product gallery and a promo video below.

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