some people just love how sleek their iPhone 5 look and will not, for anything in the world, ruin that excellency. but if you have a case that is as freaking cool as the Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case, we guess any Iron Man fans would be able to look pass the sleekness factor. in fact, we can’t see why any Iron Man fans wouldn’t fancy this. really. when you have hulking, 3D case in the likeness of the Mark VII suit, complete with a glowing arc reactor (LED battery-powered, naturally), it is most definitely going to make your wife’s or girlfriends’ Hello Kitty looks pale in comparison. in another word, it is super cool. this two-piece case has another nifty feature: it has a slide-out shoulder that reveals the iPhone’s camera lens (though we are sure the ‘depth’ of the case would affect your iPhonegraphy experience). if you want to be the coolest dude on the block, then might want to pre-order your Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case for $49 via Brando and receive this April. another closer look after the break.

PS: normal we would give the product a pass if we can secure a resolution images, but we have to make an exception for this too-cool-to-give-it-a-pass iPhone case.

Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case

Brando via Nerd Approved

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